This book comprises the source code to the tex2html_wrap_inline18 (pronounced ``why not?'') logic simlator. It is my first serious foray into the realm of ``literate programming.'' Literate programming was pioneered by Donald Knuth during the development of the TeX typesetting software.

The essential idea is that a literate program is the combination of documentation and source code in a form suitable for reading by human beings. The TeX source to this book and the C++ source code it documents are combined in common files. A literate programming tool which I wrote, called loma, weaves the the files into the TeX source that produced this book and into the C++ source programs which can be compiled to produce the executable program.

The source to this book is not in the public domain. However, the C++ source code for the tex2html_wrap_inline18 simulator is available. The C++ source code is cross-referenced with this book, so that you can easily find the page in the book that defines and describes the code.

Copyright © 2004 by Bruno R. Preiss, P.Eng. All rights reserved. Sun Mar 7 15:55:13 EST 2004